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Brevard Zoo + East Coast Zoological Society

Design a visually impactful brand identity, website, and sales materials to showcase Brevard Zoo and East Coast Zoological Society's historic campaign: "Our Legacy". The $400M campaign's mission is to build a world-class aquarium and conservation center on Florida's east coast.



Working closely with key team members, a series of brand identity concepts for "Our Legacy" were created, taking into consideration colors and fonts that embodied the feel of organic sea environments, while taking into consideration the visual impact "Our Legacy" had to convey.

Once the identity had been established, we were able to create a website that visually told their comprehensive and compelling story, utilizing visual components of the identity and carrying that throughout the website.

The home page was used to showcase the 5 key areas of the aquarium. This was achieved by incorporating the 3D schematics and strategic messaging, with custom animated hover/flip card effects showcasing the special features of those areas.

Additional site features include:

• Custom animated hover/click/reveal

• Carousel reveal hero images

• Scroll effects

Additional sales tools for print and environmental applications were also created to provide awareness to the campaign initiative. Those include:

• 12 page case for support

• Branded printed sales tools

• Environmental signage

Brevard Zoo, working in partnership with the East Coast Zoological Society, is a 75-acre nonprofit facility located in Melbourne, Florida, United States, that is home to more than 900 animals representing more than 195 species from Florida, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Brevard Zoo + East Coast Zoological Society

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