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Duff Beer

Design a website showcasing Duff Beer, Homer Simpson's beer of choice. It is a parody of stereotypical mass-market American lager: cheap, poor-quality, and heavily marketed everywhere and the iconic characters of the Simpsons.



Working closely with the original branding and characterizations of the Simpsons, this website design took into consideration colors and fonts that kept in line with the look and feel of Budweiser while creating it in parody to Duff Beer.

We were able to created a website that was visually interesting while allowing for a fun and compelling story. We did that by utilizing the main character, "Homer Simpson" in the home page and a repeat textured background of his image in the background.

Additional site features include:

• 3D Spline Duff Beer Bottle for visitor to "spin the bottle".

• Custom animated hover/click buttons

The beer's slogan is "Can't Get Enough of That Wonderful Duff", though there are others. In the season four episode, "Duffless", parking lot signs at the Duff brewery have the slogans "It's Always Time For Duff" and "Now Leaving Duff Country". In the first season episode, "Homer's Odyssey", Duff is described as "The beer that makes the days fly by".

Duff Beer

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