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Latin Lounge

Design a visually impactful brand identity and website showcasing the flavors and foods served at Latin Lounge restaurant. Include Order online and menu download capabilities for their customers.



The site design utilized vibrant colors and fonts that kept in line with the client's rebranding, while taking into consideration visual elements that would enhance the user experience in a visually interesting way, allowing for a comprehensive and compelling story.

Utilization of visual components of the identity were carried throughout the site. The home page was an integral part of telling the story of what foods Latin Lounge offers through use of custom animated build sequence headline.

Additional site features include:

• Sticky scroll effects for featured specialty food items

• Custom scroll animations

• Light box contact us with customized fill form

Latin Lounge believes that great food doesn't have to be expensive, and that everyone should have access to high-quality dishes at a great price, made to order.

Latin Lounge

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