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Lifesciences + Technology Insurances

Life science and technology insurance programs that offer comprehensive, customizable solution that allows business' to mitigate their risk.

Working closely with key Scilifetech team members, a series of brand identity concepts were created. The branding took into consideration colors and fonts that kept in line with the current technology space, while taking into consideration the organic and ever changing aspects of the life sciences space.

Once the identity had been established, we built a website that was visually interesting while allowing for a comprehensive and compelling story. Utilization of visual components from the identity were carried throughout the website. The home page was an integral part of telling the story of what key service areas Scilifetech works to protect. This was achieved by using a carousel hero to showcase the key insurance services they specialize in, using visually compelling imagery, combined with strategic branded messaging provided by they Scilifetech team.

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