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Design a visually impactful brand identity and website showcasing Vmaestro's offerings through a, simplistic design layout helping emphasize their competitive advantage: ease of migration, delivered by experienced professionals.



Working closely with key team members, a series of brand identity concepts were created. The branding took into consideration colors and fonts that kept in line with the current technology space and the utilization of abstract use of arrows to create a visual "v" to represent ease of integration within a bold abstract "M".

Once the identity had been established, we were able to created a website that was visually interesting while allowing for a comprehensive and compelling story. We did that by utilizing visual components of the identity and carrying that throughout the website.

Incorporating a carousel hero with visually compelling video/imagery, combined with strategic branded messaging provided by the vMaestro team, allowed us to convey migration and integration services vMaestro specializes in.

Additional site features includes:

• Custom icons

• Scroll animation for service offerings

• Parallax scroll of benefits, services and certifications

vMmaestro understands the complexities of a smooth data migration. They offer a comprehensive customizable solution that allows for processes to scale effectively.


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